Resonate Essences are a unique range of colour, light & sound frequency essences, sprays & oils that open you to a pure state of Being, enabling you to Raise your Vibration.

Each vibrational remedy is multi-layered, designed to defuse your negative emotions & patterns & to infuse the positive quality emotions & patterns... a vibrational tool to shift you from where you are to where you would rather be in all areas of life a safe, gentle & nurturing way. The guidance for the product range came as a gift from Spirit in Rachelle’s second Near Death Experience (NDE) & the range has been created in energy centres around the earth including in: Australia, New Zealand, India, Hawaii, Canada & USA.

Who can attend: This training is suitable for Kinesiologists, Energy Healers, NLP, Journey & Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Coaches, Naturopaths, Psychologists, Counsellors & those trained in a healing modality. The Training is certified by IICT (Australia) & is approved for CPE points by the AIK (Australia).

The Training covers:

  • Overview & attunement to the 99 essences, sprays & oils
  • Practical tips & specific clinical applications for working with yourself & clients using Resonate Essences products
  • Ways to integrate Resonate Essences into your current modality & client sessions
  • The unique Resonate Essences “Star That You Are” protocol & training in using in clinic as a standalone technique or incorporated into a session
  • Deeper experiential group meditations & opportunity to use each essence, spray & oil as guided by the group’s energy
  • Each participant will give & receive a Resonate Essences balance during the workshop
  • Participants are provided with a manual & laminated A4 wall chart for use in balancing
To register your interest & see our current location schedule contact us or check out our posts on the Blog, with regular updates on our travels & teachings.
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