Brilliance Essence

Affirmation:  Brain & mind unite, shining the light of brilliance within me.

Mind resides in all part of us & is aligned with the Higher Consciousness that flows through us. Brain is the amazing, ever changing organ that works with Mind to create our experience of life as a Conscious Being. When they work in harmony, our natural brilliance can shine through with endless creativity.

Choose this if you're feeling forgetful, spacey & discombobulated, getting in your own way of your full potential.

Brilliance, clever, bright, imaginative, endless possibility, new ways

Confused, can't think, memory issues, uninspired, no imagination

Each Resonate product comes with a FREE GIFT of a meditation to enhance your experience & a link is sent in your order confirmation email or you can purchase these here … Resonate Meditations Collection … with our deepest gratitude to Michael Wild for the heavenly sounds he creates featured in our meditations, for more information on Michael’s music go to

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