Resonate Essences Attunement

Join Rachelle  and Mel, founders of Resonate Essneces as we guide you through an experiential ONE DAY WORKSHOP ... sharing with you the sacred wisdom, healing benefits & teachings for the complete Resonate Essences product range.

Working together as a group we will be using a combination of EFT Meridian Tapping & experiencing each essence, spray & oil and learning how to defuse the negative energy blocks & infuse the positive energy states that each product brings. This is a FASTTRACK to becoming aware of your energy system & the way you are interacting with the world around you. When you are wanting to create lasting change in the way life is showing up for you... & learn a tool you can use yourself in your everyday life... join us & like minded Souls to attune to Resonate Essences... Change your State... & Raise your Vibration!

Email to request next Sydney workshop dates. 🙏 

 xo Rachelle & Mel