Divine Love & Compassion Spray

Affirmation:  Open your heart & receive the vibration and frequency of Divine Love & Compassion radiating from the heart of the Divine Feminine. This gift of loving-kindness activates forgiveness & healing, creating a new foundation of trust, love for self & compassion for others. So begins the miracles of personal & planetary transformation!

This spray is a gift of vibration & frequency to help us to feel in our hearts, connect with & embody the divine emotion of Compassion... both for yourself & all you have been through on your personal journey in this life & past lifetimes... as well as for others also navigating the highs & lows, the gifts & challenges of being human. The sacred Divine Feminine, the nurturer of all of life, holds & radiates a  current of Divine Universal Unconditional Love for all of creation... that we can all access & infuse within to activate our own healing & forgiveness process. As we heal & release our pain patterns & traumas, there is space within to hold more love and compassion for ourselves & for others... and a wave of transformation can flow through each of us... and our beautiful sacred planet. This is the miracle of transformation.

Divine Universal Love frequency, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, healing, love for self, transformation for self & the planet

Holding pain & trauma wounds, blame, guilt, shame, rage, grief, patterns of self hatred, self loathing & desire to harm & punish others for your feeling of suffering.

Scents: sweet & uplifting, scents of vanilla & berries.

Each Resonate product comes with a FREE GIFT of a meditation to enhance your experience & a link is sent in your order confirmation email or you can purchase these here … Resonate Meditations Collection … with our deepest gratitude to Michael Wild for the heavenly sounds he creates featured in our meditations, for more information on Michael’s music go to michaelwild.com.au

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