Level 3 - SoulState Balancing

SoulState Balancing - Level 3 Practitioner Training


Drawing from Rachelle's unique clinical experience as a Kinesiologist & Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Practitioner ... combined with the spiritual gifts of her Near Death Experiences at 11 years & 33 years of age... be immersed in a 2 day training that shares wisdom & insight into your immortal & eternal SoulState... & balancing protocols using Kinesiology & Hypnotherapy Techniques combined with the powerful healing tools of Resonate Essences products to connect with your Soul, your unique life purpose, & your past, present & future selves.

In this training, all participants will give & receive Resonate SoulState Kinesiology balances to:

  • Realign the areas of your Wheel of Life to your Soul's Life Intentions
  • Heal & Integrate Soul Fragments & Aspects
  • Work with Past Life Aspects & rebalance their influence to the Greater Wholeness of You
  • Release & learn wisdom from the Past Life traumas & patterns you have carried & the Karmic Contracts you have brought in to complete or understand more deeply this life
  • Become aware of your Active Soul Contracts & the influence they have as well as any that need rebalancing
  • Heal & repattern the way the Soul's journey in this life or other lives has intersected with the genetics & ancestral lineage of the body you are currently in... and any challenges to be rebalance from this
  • Rebalance future projections that are flowing back into your current life reality & creating negative waves of influence that negate your goals & intentions.
  • Understand the transition process more deeply & accurately that you experience at the end of a life, and the journey through to the decision to incarnate again... and any aspects that need to be balanced & healed on this path.

Currently this program is only offered in small group numbers & in person. If you are interested in the option to join via Zoom for future trainings... please email info@resonateessences.com and we will discuss how it may be possible for you to join us online via a live zoom link.

Prerequisite - Level 1 Practitioner Training  - in person or via Zoom Live or online + Auric Alignment Training in person or via Zoom Live

Sydney Dates - 2 days - Sunday Feb 2nd & Mon Feb 3rd 2020


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