Sprays Kit


Sprays are an amazing simple & effective way to change the energy of a room or your energy field by spraying above & around the body. Each combination of scents has an instant affect on our emotional centres via the connection between smell & the limbic brain.

A powerful healing tool, each spray has a unique scent that can be used as a body perfume & mood enhancer as you boost your vibrational state.

Kit contains 1 of each spray in the range.... 24 sprays in total.

The Sprays Kit contains... 22 x 100ml sprays + 2 x 50ml sprays (4kids range sprays not available larger size)

Travel Sprays Kit... also now available from February 2020 in a 50ml Travel Size kit... containing 24 x 50ml sprays (1 of each currently in the Resonate Sprays Range

Purchase either Sprays Kit or Travel Sprays Kit & receive 50% discount off the Sprays Online Training course.

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