Grace Essence

Affirmation:  The gift of Divine Grace now sets me free.

Grace essence is an energetic support tool, helping you to connect into waves of blessings from Divine Grace.

Choose this when you feel that all your dealing with in life is too overwhelming & insurmountable & ask for Grace to help you in unexpected ways.

The gift of Grace to lift you out of old energetic patterns & set you on a higher vibrational path. Grace opens a true sense of freedom at the world of possibilities that is open to us all.

The feeling of struggle, focus on the hardships of life, stuck in repeating patterns & unable to see a way forward. disconnection from our Higher Self & the guidance this part of us can bring.

Each product comes with a FREE GIFT of Meditation. A link will be emailed to you in your order confirmation... OR visit our Meditations Collection to purchase a meditation individually.

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