In the Present Essence

Affirmation:  I release, transform & transcend my past & choose love, joy & peace in my present.

In The Present essence assists us to release our past patterning & woundings, flowing energetically from our old ways of behaving, early childhood programming, past life energies that have been activated in this life or genetic & generational ways of being that are holding us back from living our life in a state of love, joy & peace in this present moment.

Positive release from our old behaviours & patterns, alignment with creating new, fresh, clean energy patterns in the present moment, bringing all of our energy to the present & not leaving it anchored in the past or projected so far into the future that we're not here, now, enjoying fully each & every moment.

Focus on old behaviours, wrongs, hurts, woundings from any person, place, situation or event that keeps us stuck in the past or concerned about the future, worrying that the same old patterns will occur again..

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