Family Patterns Oil

Affirmation:  Integrating the gifts & releasing the challenges of my family tree.

We each take on the genetics from our parents lineage, from at least seven generations back or even further. Often we also inherit the beliefs that create these patterns, good & bad & people say “It runs in our family” or “it's in my genes, you can't fight genetics” etc. This oil assists us to be at choice with the patterns we inherit & activate from those that have come before us.

Choose this: if you're following family patterns that aren't serving you or to increase all the benefits & gifts you hold blueprints for & release all the challenges to walk your own path with the support of your ancestors.

The gifts, lessons, teachings & talents that flow through your DNA & genetic lineage.

The challenges & negative patterns that are held in your family tree & have become activated within you for whatever reason.

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