Present Time Spray

Affirmation:  I call back my energy left in other places, times, dimensions, people & events, to restore & revitalize my Being…now 100% in Present Time.

Present Time spray clears our aura & energy body of the codes, cordings & old patterns that we are connected to from our past experiences. It assists you to call back the energy that you have left behind, in other places, times, people or dimensions that drain your system of the restorative & rejuvenating benefits of aligning all your energy to the present moment.

More of your Being's energy as it is called back to return from the events, people & times where you have left it behind, using this resource to restore your systems & revitalize you in alignment with your goals.

Old codes, cordings, patterns & imprints of the past...wherever they may have come from...releasing all that is no longer aligned with love, joy & peace for you in this present moment.

Of the Arizona desert mixed with the sweetness of prickly pear fruit...exhilarating, earthy & delicious.

Each product comes with a FREE GIFT of Meditation. A link will be emailed to you in your order confirmation... OR visit our Meditations Collection to purchase a meditation individually.

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