Acceptance Essence

Affirmation:  When I love & accept others, just as they are, I love & accept myself just as I am, for they are a reflection of me.

Increases our ability to connect & embrace all parts of ourselves, particularly those parts or aspects we tend to reject & push aside. Often what we see as reflected in those around us, qualities that we find particularly challenging to deal with or accept, are parts we also have & suppress deeply. As we accept, embrace & integrate these we can change the way in which we see these qualities reflected back in others. As we change, so can they.

Choose this: If you're finding a part of self really challenging to deal with or if you're finding yourself attracting behaviour in others you really don't like on a regular basis.

Self acceptance of all parts & aspects, awareness of others mirroring & reflecting back patterns to heal & embrace.

Patterns of self rejection, self loathing, denial of our nature, the blind spot that others can see in us but we are unable to see for ourselves, patterns of conflict or imbalance repeatedly showing up around us.

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