Victory Oil

Affirmation:  Arise to Victory as the Light wins & justice now returns to the Earth. Hold mercy & redemption in your Heart, honouring Universal Law... love for self & love for others... & living with truth, integrity, liberty & respect for ALL!

Victory Oil holds the pattern & lightcodes of the resolution of the internal & external battle between Light & Dark... and the experience of jubilation and victory as the Light wins the challenge.

It represents the overcoming of dark shadow aspects of your consciousness, whether formed in past life trauma, ancestral patterns anchored in DNA/RNA expression ... or your own traumas & choices in this life that have attracted darker energy patterns, thought forms, emotions, experiences into your reality. It is time to realign to the pure Light of your Soul and release & transmute the shadow & darkness from within, making a commitment to hold the vision of the Light being victorious to support all of creation.

Standing in your truth, Victory for the Light, justice & respect for the earth, holding mercy and compassion, vision of redemption for all, living in alignment to Universal Law & respect for all of life

feeling defeated, hopelessness, unable to carry on, overwhelmed with suffering, feeling of failed in your mission & purpose, trauma and injustice triggering rage, hatred, desire for punishment of others

Rose and coconut to uplift the heart & caraway & rosewood for strength, compassion & courage.

Each Resonate product comes with a FREE GIFT of a meditation to enhance your experience & a link is sent in your order confirmation email or you can purchase these here … Resonate Meditations Collection … with our deepest gratitude to Michael Wild for the heavenly sounds he creates featured in our meditations, for more information on Michael’s music go to

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