Reverence Essence

Affirmation:  With deepest Reverence & respect for the wonders this life brings, we honour Thee.

Increases our appreciation for the true gift of experiencing life and all the many wonders that it brings. Assists us to be aware of the journey of our Soul, where it comes from, why it merges with a physical form, where it goes after the body has died and who we truly feel ourselves to be. This essence also helps with the karmic patterns & cycles of birth, death & reincarnation.

Choose this: if you're reflecting on your Soul's journey & where you go to or come from when not in this body or if you are facing death & mortality of yourself or a loved one.

Reverence, respect for life, appreciation of the wonders we are able to experience in each & every moment of life, connection with the Soul & the Life Between Lives state.

Karmic patterns that are holding us in cycles that no longer serve, allowing the Soul to clear, absolve & release, the feeling that we're just a physical body without an energizing overarching spiritual component, the belief that when we die that's it, there's nothing more, disrespect & lack of value of the life we are currently living, feelings of wanting to die or to be in another life or another space & time.

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