Happy Tumms Oil

Affirmation:  Happy Tummy, happy me!

One of the most important areas to work with in new born babies & young children is the sensitivity of the digestive tract. So often babies become colicky or have extended periods of crying unnecessarily because they are sensitive to some of the food mum is eating & passing through the breastmilk or they are being fed in their formula. Kinesiology is of enormous assistance with this as well as using this oil containing the healing vibrations of traditional colic formulas & optimal digestion to create a happy tummy & a happy baby.

Choose this: if your baby is unsettled after feeding and appears to have lots of flatulence, drawing their legs up in discomfort or crying excessively and other causes have been ruled out.

Support for optimal digestion, absorption & elimination through the gut.

Energetic causes of abdominal discomfort that lead to an unhappy teary baby.

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