Vitality Essence

Affirmation:  I am overflowing with Vitality & boundless energy, & enthusiastically greet each new moment in every day.

Increases our inner feelings of vitality & boundless energy. So many people these days struggle with their energy levels, feeling flat, tired, run down or exhausted. This essence helps to boost the flow of chi or vital force within the energy system to increase vibrancy & physical strength or robustness.

Choose this: If you've been feeling physically & energetically depleted or rundown. This essence seems to help shift some of our inherited tendency to illness patterns, also known as miasms in homeopathy.

Physical energy, chi or vital force, stamina, endurance robustness, joy at being alive, vibrant energized state.

Feeling drained physically, mentally & emotionally, depleted, running on empty, tendency to chronic illness patterns, inherited tendencies & miasm in your genetic tree.

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