Integrity Essence

Affirmation:  Maintain constancy & honour in thoughts, words & deeds.

Infuses a state of honour & congruency between the internal & external aspects of you, aligns you more deeply with the energy you present to the world & the truth with. When in a state of alignment it becomes easy to always hold a space of integrity in thoughts, words & deeds.

Choose this if you have an innate knowing that the face you project to the world & want others to see feels like its not the full picture of you, there are aspects of shadow or secrets you conceal that are out of alignment with the state you would prefer to maintain. Helps you to get to the core of the imbalance driving behaviours & release with more ease.

Integrity & congruency with your thoughts, words & behaviours, alignment with your truth, acting from a space of honour in relation to self & others.

Lack of integrity, dishonesty, saying one thing & doing another, misleading others into false beliefs, lack of credibility in actions.

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