Transcend Essence

Affirmation:  I rise above my current vibration, and Transcend my past limitations.

Wherever our vibration is currently at, is exactly as it's meant to be. Often our past thoughts, beliefs, actions, conditioning have created our current experiences & those we don't enjoy, we focus on needing to change or heal. For those times that you want to just release the block, accept the situation & rise above it to a greater state of being & experience. Transcend is the key!

Choose this when you have been focused on creating a change or healing a situation that feels too large to deal with. When you're wanting to let go of the need to heal or change anything, use Transcend to rise above & move on!

Transcend, uplift, expand, rise above, move on, different perspective, accepting what is & allowing as is

Stuck, overwhelmed, giving up, need to heal, need to change, need to learn from pain or trauma

Each Resonate product comes with a FREE GIFT of a meditation to enhance your experience & a link is sent in your order confirmation email or you can purchase these here … Resonate Meditations Collection … with our deepest gratitude to Michael Wild for the heavenly sounds he creates featured in our meditations, for more information on Michael’s music go to

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