Auric Alignment Training - Advanced Level

This 2 day workshop is focused on working with the Resonate Essences topical products & teaches you a protocol for aligning your auric field & energy body to a desired goal or outcome. The Training covers:

  • Brief overview / recap of the 24 Aura Sprays, 8 Tummy Rubs & 6 Oil Blends, taught in the Level 1 Practitioner Training
  • Teaching of a stand alone technique that can be used in kinesiology sessions using topical oils & sprays only
  • Awareness & techniques for working with the layers of the Auric Field, the Chakra System & the Energy Body & our connection to the Field / Quantum Plane for manifestation
  • Deeper experiential group meditations for the products guided by the group's energy
  • Each participant will give & receive an Auric Alignment balance in the workshop
  • Participants are provided with a manual & A4 wall chart for use in balancing
  • Cost includes the Soul Healing Oil & Time Mastery Oil (required for working with the balance)

Upcoming Training Dates:

Sydney - Crows Nest, 

Sat 15th June & Sun 16th June 2019

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