Development Daze Oil

Affirmation:  Making milestones with ease, developing with Grace at my own pace.

Our first few years of life are filled with developmental leaps & milestones that create who we become later in life. This is where the hardware is laid down & the software installed to help run our brain, nervous system & physical abilities in life. There are many reasons we may need some additional support at these times from different kinesiology techniques for brain & physical development & this is the perfect tool to use with these.

Choose this: when you're aware of a baby going through a Developmental Leap (as described in the research for The Wonder Weeks) or for those later in life who may have missed some milestones or experienced some gaps in development & are wanting support to catch up.

Optimal energy & patterning for development & an awareness that we all grow & achieve at our own ideal & perfect pace & time.

Blocks to the integration of development patterns within the brain & nervous system due to disruptions in the energetic circuitry required.

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