Flourish Oil

Affirmation:  I give myself permission to Flourish & be all that I can be!

Flourish Oil Blend supports us on the energy level to be all that we can be. It gives us permission from our Higher Self to take the actions at the smallest level that will create the foundation to maximize our growth & potential. Physically we are a biome community of good bacteria holding codes & patterns, we are at our best when the biome of good bacteria can thrive & flourish. Choose this to boost your molecules, aligning all parts of you to maximize your inner potential to be all that you can be. Give yourself permission to flourish. Also great to use if you've made poor nutritional & health choices that have damaged your biome of healthy good bacteria & you want these to thrive.

Flourish, nurture, optimize, fulfill, prosper, thrive, growing well

Decline, wasted opportunity, stunted growth, not reaching potential

Musky, sweet & inspiring with ylang ylang honeyed aromas

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