Digest-Ease Essence

Affirmation:  I digest & absorb with ease, gifts of wisdom & insight… nourishing body, mind & spirit.

We all need to absorb nourishment physically as well as mentally, emotionally & spiritually. This essence supports you to digest & absorb energetically all that you require in life on all levels.

Choose this if you have challenges digesting & absorbing nutrients on the physical level or if you have challenges absorbing & digesting new thoughts & ideas, new situations & experiences, new people & relationships into your life.

Ability to break things down into manageable pieces to digest & absorb with ease including new experiences, new beliefs, emotions, thought forms, behaviours.

Blocks to absorbing & digesting, things we reject or repel that can bring us benefit if we know how to get the goodness from them & utilize it within us.

Each product comes with a FREE GIFT of Meditation. A link will be emailed to you in your order confirmation... OR visit our Meditations Collection to purchase a meditation individually.

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