Worth Essence

Affirmation:  You are a Soul birthed from the light, know your value, your Worth is innate.

Increases the feeling of self worth & of deeply knowing and honouring your value. We are all unique with a special contribution to make in life & it's important to stand in your power & value yourself highly.

Choose this if you're feeling a deep sense of shame or worthlessness or feel insecure about what you have to offer. When our self worth is shaky, we disconnect from our personal power & have a tendency to sabotage ourselves from our greatness & success.

Self worth & feelings of worthiness, knowing your value & seeing the value in others, self respect, being in your power.

Worthlessness, shame, powerlessness, insecurity, low self esteem, arrogance, self sabotage patterns, boasting, gloating, excessive or false pride.

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