Courage Essence

Affirmation:  Bravely turn within, into the core of your heart, to unleash your power & follow your dreams.

Assists you to draw your awareness into your heart, & uncover your deepest passions, dreams & desires so you can boldly & bravely do whatever it takes to achieve your heart's deepest wishes.

Choose this if you feel unsure of your passions & path in life or at times when you feel unsure about backing yourself, believing in yourself or bravely stepping forward in life.

Courage, bravery, passion & heart's purpose, commitment to follow your path.

Cowardice, doubt & worry, trepidation, not knowing your path, opting out.

Each product comes with a FREE GIFT of Meditation. A link will be emailed to you in your order confirmation... OR visit our Meditations Collection to purchase a meditation individually.

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