Resonate Essences are a unique range of colour, light & sound frequency essences, sprays & oils that open you to a pure state of Being, enabling you to Raise your Vibration.

Each vibrational remedy is multi-layered, designed to defuse your negative emotions & patterns & to infuse the positive quality emotions & patterns... a vibrational tool to shift you from where you are to where you would rather be in all areas of life a safe, gentle & nurturing way. The guidance for the product range came as a gift from Spirit in Rachelle’s second Near Death Experience (NDE) & the range has been created in energy centres around the earth including in: Australia, New Zealand, India, Hawaii, Canada & USA.



Join us for our Resonate Essences Attunement Workshop to experience each of our products... and learn tools you can use at home for yourself to support you & your loved ones in Raising Your Vibration & creating a life you love!. Each Workshop features a different range & each product is experienced with an EFT meridian tapping process to support clearing of the negative diffuse states & the infusing of the positive vibrational states aligned with the product. These workshops are offered as a face-to-face training in Sydney... & coming in Sept 2019... will also be available as a video series on our training platform

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Resonate Essences Practitioner Training - Base Level

Who can attend:

This training is suitable for Kinesiologists, Energy Healers, NLP, Journey & Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Coaches, Naturopaths, Psychologists, Counsellors & those trained in a healing modality. The Training is certified by IICT (Australia) & is approved for CPE points by the AIK (Australia).

The Practitioner Training covers:

  • Overview & attunement to the 103 essences, sprays & oils
  • Practical tips & specific clinical applications for working with yourself & clients using Resonate Essences products
  • Ways to integrate Resonate Essences into your current modality & client sessions
  • The unique Resonate Essences “Star That You Are” protocol & training in using in clinic as a standalone technique or incorporated into a session
  • Deeper experiential group meditations & opportunity to use each essence, spray & oil as guided by the group’s energy
  • Each participant will give & receive a Resonate Essences balance during the workshop
  • Participants are provided with a manual & laminated A4 wall chart for use in balancing
For those that have completed the Practitioner Training, our Advanced Level Training is the Auric Alignment Workshop, run over 2 consecutive days ...& opens you to another level of healing & transformation you may not even be aware is possible as yet. Learn more about this training on our Book Now link or email us with any questions.... To register your interest contact us or check out our posts on the Blog & Facebook page, with regular updates on our travels & teachings.
Training dates for 2019  for Australia, USA & Europe us to register your interest in a specific location, or if you are from a Kinesiology or Energy Healing training school or centre, we can come to you... contact us to discuss.
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