Purely Me Oil

Affirmation:  Free to be, Purely Me.

When we first arrive in this body in this life, our Souls are so expansive & vast, it seems hard to contain them into such a little body. Energetically, babies often become enmeshed or entangled at this non-physical level with their primary carers, often parents but can be siblings, grandparents, nannies or childcare workers as their energetic boundaries are not yet fully formed.

Choose this: to restore your boundaries and release the vibrations & energy you carry that is not yours, even if its so familiar as you've carried it for those that love you from the moment you were born. It serves you both to let it go, bringing you back to being 'purely me.'

Strengthened energetic boundaries & clarity of your own unique vibration & patterns.

Enmeshments & entanglements of other people's energy that has been picked up through nurturing connection whilst a baby.

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