Love Essence

Affirmation:  Love illuminates the core of my Being… birthing the shadows into the light.

Increases our ability to feel the love that exists all around us…more able to love ourselves, family, friends & life. Self love is the core of all our experiences. We all need to learn to love ourselves, and our many aspects or facets more deeply. The vibration of love is the bedrock, the foundation from which all else flows.

Choose this if you are feeling abandoned, rejected or if you're having challenges finding things to love within yourself. When love is not being felt, fear is present so choose this to move beyond the fear & into love.

Self love, love for others, love for Source, respect, attraction, admiration.

Fear, hatred, self- loathing, rejection, abandonment, criticism, judgment, separation, not belonging to a group or being a part of things.

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