Empower Essence

Affirmation:  I am empowered, I embody my greatest potential this life!

We all have the ability to connect to a deeper power & strength within us, to truly embody the greatest expression of ourselves. Sometimes we need to face our fears, stand strong in the eye of the storm & be our own force of nature creating change & forming the life we choose to embrace.

Choose this when you need to step up & connect with that whirling vortex of power within you to manifest positive change in your reality. Supports us to move out of the victim state, believing life is 'doing us' into the co-creating state of taking responsibility for where we're at & where we want to be.

Personal power, strength, bravery, inner calm from purpose, maximum potential

Disempowered, victim, powerless, no control or responsibility, taking a backseat, projection of blame

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