Sanctuary Oil

Affirmation:  Rebuild the physical Sanctuary for your Soul... and embody your destined path!

The Soul selects the physical body to come through, and merges into the developing baby whilst in utero to actively co-create the shape and form that is the 'you' to support the potential experiences of this life. When traumas or outside influences change that Blueprint expression to a less optimal version, you can feel further & further away from a connection to your body & a sense of you... as if you're in the wrong body, or to be in the body has become a challenge. This oil blend vibration & aromas realign & heal the Blueprint for physical form for 'you' restoring the feeling of your body being your Sanctuary to journey through life... that supports you to now embody the destined path you planned with your Spiritual Hierarchy before coming into life.

Choose this: to anchor the sense of your physical form being a sacred Sanctuary for your Soul, a safe refuge of peace... divinely created for you!

Realigning of the Soul energy to the co-creation of the physical body & the divine Blueprint for the physical and energetic anatomy, restoring original clear intentions, feeling of being back on path, allowing the physical body to become the safe & nurturing Sanctuary for the Soul to play in this life.

Changes to the original intention & Blueprint the Soul activated in the choices of physical health & energy field anatomy, triggered by experiences in this life of trauma, stress or disease that are stuck in the energy field creating a less desired version of the physical body in the now.

Sweet & warming... with soothing mints and warmth of vanilla & caramel.

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