Wisdom Essence

Affirmation:  Lessons & learnings guide my path to well being, as I integrate the wisdom of this experience.

The journey to healing & wellness is filled with the lessons & insights we need to integrate into our consciousness to create change within us. When you have let go of the need to ask 'why, why, why' and are ready to find the gift within each experience for yourself, tune into the body wisdom this holds for you, breathe in, & integrate this insight, a step closer to your goal of well being.

Choose this if you are ready to move on from old patterns, keeping you stuck in suffering & a lack of ease, give yourself permission to uncover the lessons & store this wisdom in your Being.

Insight, lessons, healing, learning, teachings, body wisdom, keys to health

Dis-eased states, traumas, wounding, 'why, why, why' thoughts, problems

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