What are these  Resonate Essences products?

Resonate Essences are an amazingly simple & effective self-help tool. This unique range of colour, light & sound frequency essences opens you to a pure state of Being, enabling you to Raise your Vibration.

How do they work?

Each vibrational remedy is multi-layered, designed to defuse your negative emotions & patterns and to infuse the positive qualities, emotions & patterns. These essences are a tool to shift you from where you are to where you would rather be in relation to your goals in life.

What will happen when I use these products?

As the essences bring you into harmony or resonance with the desired qualities in each pure state, such as Love, Joy & Self Worth, you experience improvements in your everyday life; in your thoughts, feelings, health & well-being, relationships & finances.

To sum it up…

We’ve all heard of Law of Attraction work, & understand that your vibration is the rate at which your cells & molecules are oscillating. This vibration is the sum total of your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual qualities, coming from your thoughts, feelings & actions that lead to the results that show up in your everyday life. Wouldn’t you like a tool that you can use with your own inner guidance to help change your state, raise your vibration, and create the life of your dreams. Come to a workshop, order a kit, or try a single essence, spray or oil to start you on the path to change.

I’ve used other essences before, so what’s unique or different about the Resonate Essences?

All vibrational essences are powerful healing tools to create change for you energetically, however most are from a single ingredient, whether that’s a flower or a shell, a gemstone or a coral. What’s unique about the Resonate Essences is that each essence contains many components that work synergistically together to create a total vibrational packet of energy that can defuse the blocks & opposite aspects to an emotional / mental state & infuse the positive aspects of that same state. For example the unique combination of ingredients in the Love essence each have the potential to activate a feeling of love within different individuals only when they are needing that specific component. To effect that state & bring the state of Love to a greater range of people, you require a broader & more multi-layered essence with different synergistic components that can bring effective change to a wider range of people. The Resonate Essences are created with a base of colour, light & sound frequencies and are then layered with crystal, coral, flower, totem animal, postures, mudra & mantras to create the specific Pure States of Being.

Is there a certain order to take essences in?

It can be helpful to start with the Resonate Essence core kit, and many people start with the Love essence as it’s the foundation for self-love & love for others in this life we are all living. Some people then choose to move through the core kit using a new essence each month & the Clear & Ground & Bliss sprays as needed or guided.

How do I work with these?

From our experience, it’s best to start with the Resonate Essence you feel most drawn to intuitively, or you may use muscle testing to determine the priority essence to work with. Follow the instructions on the side of the bottle & take the dose morning & night until the bottle is complete. It may be beneficial to note down any awareness, thoughts or insights that arise for you whilst you’re working with infusing the vibration of the essence over the 3 week period. You can also use a single dose of any essence as required to rebalance energy during your day. Using the Clear & Ground essence will help you to release any strong vibrations that are coming to the surface for healing release & integration. Use the sprays to raise the vibration & create the desired state in a room or on your face & body, as a gentle mist whilst saying the affirmation.

How do I know which essence to take?

We recommend following your own intuition & using the essence you feel most strongly guided to, or you can safely start at Love and work your way through the kit until each essence is finished before moving to the next, or use kinesiology muscle testing, a pendulum or other means of tapping into your innate body wisdom as your guide.

What do I do if I feel some emotions coming up or if I feel I’m de-toxing from taking an essence?

As the Resonate Essences have a powerful ability to help you release old trapped energy from deep within your Being, some people may feel some very old feelings they may not have experienced for some time rising back up into consciousness for healing & release. We see this as a great sign of powerful change, the more old energy you can let go of that has been deeply suppressed within your organs & cells, the more space there is energetically within you to infuse deeply the positive qualities of the essence you’re using. When strong old emotions or thoughts are rising up again, we highly recommend using the Clear & Ground essence and the Bliss spray as often as needed, perhaps every 2-4 hours until the energy has released completely. It can also help to do some breath work, some yoga, gentle exercise or some journaling to support shifting the old pattern through you as quickly and easily as possible.

 How can I learn more about the essences?

The best way to learn more about the Resonate Essences is to book in to one of our workshops, to send us an email with any queries you may have, to join our Facebook Resonate & Transform coaching & support  group by following the tabs on the top of the page or by simply trying the products & experiencing for yourself the amazing shifts & insights they can bring.

Where can I buy the essences from?

Currently the easiest way to purchase the Resonate Essences is to buy from our online store, or you can email orders through or call Mel or Rachelle to order by phone. See our Retail Stockists & Our Practitioners pages for info on our distributors & wholesalers.

Do you do personal sessions with the essences?

We currently do Resonate Essence sessions based on our kinesiology & hypnotherapy trainings from clinics in Sydney, Australia and we are currently in the process of training other practitioners to offer these balances as well. When we travel inter-state or internationally, we are also able to offer Resonate Essence private sessions so check out our workshop schedule to see when we’re coming to a city near you.

Are they safe for children?

From our clinical experience, we find the Resonate Essence 4 Kids range is the most suitable option for use with children. If the child is 0-3 years of age, we recommend dropping the dose on the bottle onto their skin & rubbing onto the area you feel most beneficial. Normally we would recommend the areas of the soles of the feet, palms of the hand or abdomen as being best for absorption of energy interface. For children over the age of 3 years, they can take the drops under the tongue or it can be added to a drink of water and sipped throughout the day. Most kids enjoy the taste, however it is in an organic vodka solution with purified water, so it’s at the discretion of the parents.

Can I take them when pregnant or breast-feeding?

In our experience, they are safe to be used at any time, just as other flower & gem essences are. We always prefer the individual to be at choice & to do what feels right for themselves and their child. Some people choose to rub the essence into the palms of the hand or soles of the feet as an alternative to taking internally if they are feeling energetically heightened during their pregnancy.

Are they safe for animals?

At this stage, we are not currently using them with animals ourselves however if an animal was being surrogate tested by a trained kinesiology animal practitioner & the essence tested up as appropriate support for the animal, they would be fine for use. Working with animals is not our forte so we would leave that to the animal practitioner to give us guidance here. Though we have had reports from those that do direct work with dogs, horses & some cats that they love the essences & are often drawn to the Tummy Rubs & 4kids range of products. 

What's a space clearer?

A space clearer is a vibrational tool that can be used to shift the energy of a room. We’ve all had the experience of walking into a house or a room after an argument has been going on & feeling the anger still hanging in the air. If there has been long-term illness or depression in a space, this also leaves a palpable feeling that others can pick up on when they enter the room. A space clearer helps shift all that old heavy energy, bringing in more light & a feeling of freshness to the space that supports you to maintain the changes you are creating. After all, you don’t want to be floating in a soup of toxic or angry energy when your goal is to have a happy loving family. Use a space clearer to support all in your home & work environments.

What can I expect from taking an essence?

When you take a Resonate Essence, you can expect to begin a journey a change, healing and release. Each essence vibration is different just as each person is unique. In general what we find is the more toxic & stagnant energy you have stored within your body, the more you’ll instantly feel all the shift & change. The may be a few days or a week or so of old stuff coming up for release in gentle waves & then there’ll be increasing feelings & awareness of the positive vibrations & emotional tones infusing deeply within. You will feel differently & have made some significant shifts in your energetic system by the time you finish a bottle & you may choose to continue with that same essence or move onto another. Follow your innate body wisdom & let it guide you.

I’ve finished a bottle, what’s next?

Once you’ve finished a bottle, you’re at choice to continue with the same essence,to move straight onto your next essence, or you may prefer to have a week of integration before making your next essence choice. 

What’s the purpose of the meditation?

We recommend doing the audio meditation as soon as possible when you are starting to work with the essence & then some people benefit from doing it again regularly to keep the energy active & fresh. It’s another support tool to connect you with the vibration and assist you with release & integration.

How do you make the essences?

The Resonate Essences are made in energetically pure locations and all care is taken to ensure the quality of their vibrations are maintained. The medium they are in is Organic Australian Vodka with purified water & natural organic ingredients are used in our body sprays where available. 

What does it mean to be grounded?

To be grounded means to be energetically present in your body and connected to the Earth, able to manifest your wants & needs with ease.

What's my Inner Child?

The Inner Child is an aspect or part that resides in all of us that represents the child that we once were. It can best be accessed through the gateway of the heart and often holds the key to releasing unhelpful patterns that are showing up in our adult lives, such as co-dependant relationships, or challenges with authority or responsibility. We recommend using the 4 Kids range when working with the Inner Child and if you are aware of deep woundings physically, mentally or emotionally from your childhood, seeking the support of a trained practitioner who can support you in this work. See our Contacts page for Recommended modalities & practitioners worldwide.

What's an attunement?

An attunement is a process where all parts of your being come into Resonance or are attuned with the sounds & vibrations contained in the essence. It’s a little like tuning up your guitar so it can create the right note for the tune you wish to play in life.

What does it mean to Resonate with something?

To Resonate means to come into vibrational harmony or alignment & to make sounds with that something you’re resonating with. It may be a belief, an emotion, a colour or sound or a way of Being in a pure consciousness state.

What does it mean to Raise My Vibration?

To Raise your Vibration means to lift the rate at which the particles that make up your being on the quantum level are vibrating. When we raise the vibration we increase the range of experience we are open to and are capable of achieving and living our day-to-day life with increasing positive emotions, thoughts & states within our body.

What if I feel I need all of them, how many can I take at once?

Many people are reported feeling they need all the Resonate Essences, and from our experience it’s best to start with just one & to take only that one for a 3-4 week period until it’s finished to gain the maximum benefit from that essence quality. Then you may choose to move onto the next essence. Listen to your guidance & innate body wisdom or visit our workshops o practitioners for assistance with selection & support on your journey.

What if I feel I need help or advice with these?

If you feel you’re needing more support with using or selecting the Resonate Essences, please contact us via our Contacts page, come to our workshops, visit a recommended practitioner or join our Facebook Resonate & Transform groups to become part of a like minded community as we all Raise Our Vibration and Resonate boundless possibility.