Humility Essence

Affirmation:  May I be a clear channel for Source to flow through, a vehicle of service through which miracles may unfold.

Increases our awareness that we are a part of a much bigger picture, that what feels all important to the level of Ego in this life, is but a drop in the ocean in the significance & power of creation. This essence helps us to put into perspective our relevance & place in the greater scheme of things. It connects us with the belief that our most beneficial role is to be of service to life, enabling the facilitation of miracles around us in the unique way we can bring benefit to our family, loved ones, friends, community & the planet around us.

Choose this: to be open to ways in which you can serve life, being the channel through which miracles can flow to benefit others, serving the greater good for life, being a part of a bigger picture & plan, releasing the control of the small Ego state.

Feelings of humility, clears our channel of Ego state allowing our Soul to flow through us & open us to our role in the bigger picture of life, deeper sense of satisfaction, joy & purpose as miracles can flow through us to benefit self, others & the planet.

The feeling of it's all about ‘me' Ego state, feeling of not being able to make change or positive benefit in the world, feeling of the ‘I' doing the doing.

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