Patience Essence

Affirmation:  Having Patience is easy when I trust in Divine Timing, for I know that I'm doing the best that I can with the skills & awareness I have now at this stage of my journey.

Increases our feeling of patience, a feeling of being at ease with time, knowing there is ample time & resources to achieve our goals & dreams and that the journey to achieve the end goal is as important as the destination. There is awareness that we are always doing the best we can at this moment in time to achieve our goals. We may want the outcome now, but we may not be ready yet to receive. The steps on our path help us to be in alignment with our destination, the timing is not always up to us. All good things come in Divine Timing.

Choose this: if you're challenged with patience, wanting everything to happen now & feeling frustrated or angry with others for feeling that they are slowing you down or being a roadblock or obstacle on your path. Choose instead to trust in Divine Timing & feel patience for self & others knowing & accepting you're doing the best that you can. Being in this mental/emotional state helps you to release frustration, impatience & resistance, and move more rapidly towards your goals & dreams.

Patience, trust in Divine Timing, loving acceptance of self & situation. Feeling of being supported by life & your Higher Self on the journey

Impatience, frustration, irritation with self & others for not being ‘more' already, so focused on the destination that we ignore the benefits of the journey, feeling of being blocked or the belief that people, situations or events are being a roadblock or barrier to your success.

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