Magnetic Spray


Affirmation:  My magnetic fields are stable & protected, enhancing my attractor power.

Our bodies contain a magnetic field that influences all we make contact with. Our own magnetism can be used to increase our chi or energy, maintain our internal balance & draw to us those things we are aligned with & desire. Just like physical magnets, we can have a polarity that attracts or repels. As our world becomes more polluted with electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) from wifi, mobile phones & other technology driven devices, our own magnetic fields can become damaged or weakened, impacting on our well being & magnetic power. Choose this if you feel your magnetic power is being drained by interference patterns coming from the modern technological world such as your mobile phone, computer, hand held devices (eg ipod, game consoles, tablets) or if you just feel tired & lacking energy when working at your computer, talking on your mobile phone or in areas of high EMF exposure. Protect & repair your own magnetic flows.

Magnetic, energy fields, charged energy, natural polarity, stable fields

Drained, tattered fields, EMF sensitivity, weakened charge, ineffective

Warm, grounding & nurturing with heart warning cacao & vanilla

Each Resonate product comes with a FREE GIFT of a meditation to enhance your experience & a link is sent in your order confirmation email or you can purchase these here … Resonate Meditations Collection … with our deepest gratitude to Michael Wild for the heavenly sounds he creates featured in our meditations, for more information on Michael’s music go to

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