Online Trainings - Video Series


Our Level 1 Practitioner Training is now available as an inline video series (see info in our Trainings section) or you can choose to purchase these programs individually by range...

Sprays Online Training Series... which covers working sprays in a clinical practice & tips specific to each of our Resonate Sprays... as well as some EFT Tapping Scripts you can use for yourself, loved ones or clients.

Oils online Training Series... which covers working with our Tummy Rubs & Oil Blends products in a clinical practice

Our Essences Online Training series is only available in the Level 1 Practitioner Training as if you are using our full range of essences for yourself or your clients... you will want to know how to use these to do a Star That You Are Balance... and gin a deeper understanding of how the colour, light & sound frequency patterns in our essences support internal vibrational transformation in your energy anatomy.

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