Resonate Soul Reading

Book in for a Resonate Soul Reading with Rachelle or Mel... Using a combination of our vibrational products, intuitive abilities & kinesiology skills... let us be guided by your Soul's deepest desires to explore what you are most needing in this life. Your Soul comes into this life with set intentions for the experiences, lessons or learnings it most wants to explore... & you know when you're on the right path for yourself...when it feels right in your gut, your heart & Soul.

Send us a recent photo & an email with questions you are wanting further guidance on...short & sweet is better so we can tune in without too much prior info. We will create a Mandala Wheel of Life for you, uncovering challenges or blocks you are facing in areas of your life... and using crystals, sounds & Resonate Essence products to rebalance & open pathways for transformation. Your reading is recorded as an audio file & an email of a recommended 2 month Resonate Essence Personal Program is sent to you along with a pic of your Mandala created in your Resonate Soul Reading.

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