Activate Your Goals - Achieve Amazing Results in 2018

Activate Your Goals - Achieve Amazing Results in 2018

One of the questions I'm often asked by others, whether it's clients I see in clinic, or friends & family is...

'How do you manage to get so many things done?' or 'Can you teach me how I can fit more of the things that I want to achieve into my life whilst still having energy for my... work, partner, children, family, friends, exercise, me time, etc?'

As I reflect on this last year, & look forward to all that the New Year brings... I have a process that I do in setting my goals & intentions for the year ahead that I know helps me to navigate my path... & leads me with greater ease to achieve the results I desire. The process has been adapted & modified since i first added it to my personal routine more than 25 years ago. I have found each year there is new wisdom to be integrated in the doing of the practice, or a different sense I need to activate to support my own growth & expansion.

For a few years there, I needed to add sound to my goals, so I would turn them into a song that I made up with a catchy jingle style melody & anytime I was jogging (a while ago now!) i would hum my song & reconnect with the intentions of my goals for that year. Most years, I will create a collage of images, some years hand drawn others cut out from magazines with the help of my kids, so that I have a visual reminder of the end result of my goal stuck where it's easy for me to see regularly. When I studied NLP, I anchored the goals into specific areas of my body so that anytime I placed my attention on that part of my body, it would support the reconnection of the energy to the embodied goal. You could also anchor using smell & different essential oils... or through the sense of taste with a flavour experience you love & adore.

The more senses you activate, the more the goal anchors within your subconscious mind, and you begin to harness the power of the subconscious to draw that manifestation into your everyday life & reality.

There is also a specific process I do... & for many years taught others to do with a New Year goal activation ritual at my clinic. I would love to share it with you to help you to create an amazing result in your life this year.... to start you need to get a few sheets of blank paper & some coloured pencils for drawing & a lined piece of file card, so go ahead & get these now.



To begin, create an inspiring & relaxing atmosphere by playing some beautiful music, spraying some Resonate sprays or taking some essences, making a tea to sip... & then settle down & get comfortable. Bring awareness into your heart space & breathe deeply into your heart, as you visualise it opening wide just like a flower... setting your intention to keep the heart open wide... as you now reflect on the experiences, moments, qualities, connections that you have enjoyed in the last year... & as each rises up into your conscious mind... RADIATE GRATITUDE... from the centre of your heart as you breathe in slowly & deeply, giving thanks for the gifts of the experience or memory reflected on above. Continue this process for 5-10 mins as you feel the waves of gratitude magnifying & increasing within you.

Then ask yourself internally what you would like to experience, enjoy, achieve, connect with &/or do in this coming year...  & how do you want to feel as you experience these actions / activities / people / places / events. Make a list of the 20 (or slightly more is ok, but no less) things for your list & write these down with a number next to each on the blank page. There are a few rules for these things that are really important... they must not involve anyone else as these are your goals / intentions eg my husband to be loving towards me is about creating change in someone else... & we can only change & influence ourselves, which will often flow to benefitting others but the FOCUS OF CHANGE is within us so our goals would need to be about being loving to  our husband & open to receive his response... & the goal must involve you (so world peace is a great goal but is too detached & out of your sphere of control) so you would create this intention in your own life as...

1. To feel peace & behave in a peaceful manner in my interactions with my family & friends

Any goal setting process is best to also contain an integrity & congruence check that the goal is... beneficial for me, beneficial or neutral for my loved ones (friends & family), & is beneficial or neutral for the planet. If the goal meets these criteria, then it's great to have on your list & is in integrity with how you wish to behave to those you love & is congruent with bringing betterment of yourself & the planet we all share. Also great to have a diverse range of intentions  & time frames eg some you can achieve quickly such as new pair of jeans that fit perfectly, others that are more medium term (at least months to achieve) eg 100% booked in clinical practice, seeing x number clients over x number days ... & some longer term that may even stretch past your year but you are wanting to build energy for now eg my online business has a turnover of $x million per year & we are contributing ...x % to fund charities & groups we support that has resulted in ...x people helped & supported this calendar year.

For each item on the list, you need to create a sentence that contains the energy of the outcome / intention in a few key words. Then for each item on the list, draw a quick rough sketch of an image that represents the achievement or realisation of the intention.

For example... 

2. Family island holiday, all enjoying time together - as a symbol is lying in a hammock under palm trees watching my 4 boys swimming at the beach... all drawn as stick figures for  my rough sketch

Once you have converted your intentions / goals into sentences & a rough sketch, then we're ready to create a spinning wheel, a little like a chocolate wheel from a raffle or the spinning wheel on the TV show Wheel of Fortune. You need to draw a large circle that covers most of the sheet of paper or you could use larger sized cardboard. You then create one spoke or section of the wheel for one goal / intention. I like to write a key word for the goal & then draw a coloured pic of the symbol in each section.. so in the two examples above, I might write

1. Peace & Love (for my relationship interactions)  - & the symbol of hands holding

2. Family island holiday (for my holiday with the kids) -  & pic of palm trees, at beach

Once you have gone around your wheel & allocated all of your goals/ intentions with a phrase & an image... we next do the most important part of the activation process. We need to allocate time to connect with each image, create a picture in your mind of achieving the image, and then see & feel yourself as you step into the experience & breathe how you are breathing, feel how you are feeling, and open into the energy of this experience in your life. You may choose to intensify the colours of the experience, or the quality of the feelings in your body to heighten the experience (great if you can set a timer & do for about 3 mins each goal so you would need about an hour). Then you need to see yourself step out of the picture, so that the image is in front of you & you can see yourself in the picture (meaning you are detached from the picture) & release the image back into the spinning wheel & into the time line of your life. 

After you have completed stepping into & activating the feelings associated with each of these goals/ intentions you will be feeling pretty amazing! There is still another important step to do to activate these goals to manifest in your life. if you have a metronome or can add a metronome app onto your phone, this can help with the next step. 

Now we sit with our wheel in front of us (some people like to tape it onto a wall in front of them) & we begin to rapidly cycle through our images & say the word out loud (or internally if not in an appropriate place to talk to yourself out loud). When you start this, you might do a different goal each second eg peace (think of hands), holiday (think tropical island) etc & as you're doing this allow the feelings to rise up within you... some people experience this as tingling & some as heat. After each circuit of spinning or cycling the images, you want the rotation to spin faster & faster.... & you continue doing this until it feels like the wheel is spinning so fast its like a blur... and the heat & good feeling energy / tingling its creating is so strong its pulsing through all of your body in waves. I then visualise my spinning wheel cycling & pulsing through my head down into my chakra column & out of my feet & then draw it back up through my body, & send it into my organs, my meridians, my cells, my neural pathways... anywhere you feel guided to let it flow benefits through.

If you feel drawn to it, you can then allow the energy that has increased within your body to send waves for self healing, setting your intention for it to flow out through your palms of your hands & to any part of your body or another's body that is needing high vibrational healing energy by just placing the hands & allowing the current to flow. Amazing transformation & healing can occur when you can access the power of these healing current... and what a wonderful gift to share with others... as you focus on manifesting the 20 or so things that are drawing you most in life... and FEEL all the wonderful feelings this generates, you can create a healing current that helps yourself & others as an added benefit of aligning with manifesting of your goals / intentions.

One last important tip... as soon as you manifest an intention / goal on your list, you need to remove it from your list & replace with something else, if the number has dropped to below 20 items. This number has been found to be important to prevent the brain /mind attaching to any image or symbol when in the image cycling phase... but am sure this won't be the same for everyone, so if you prefer to reduce the number as things manifest & maybe every 3 months or 6 months create a new wheel & process, that would also work well! 

As you reflect on your year next Dec 2018, please remember to hold gratitude for all that has manifested from your lists & has been removed so that you maintain your integrity with the vibration of gratitude. I also find that using some of our products, can really assist in the process: I would recommend any of the following:

Gratitude Essence, Manifest Miracle Spray , Success Spray & Strive Oil Blend.

Please email us if you do this process & find that your goals are rapidly manifesting with ease... and also if you've used the healing current to help yourself or others & achieved a great result.

with heartfelt gratitude


xo Rachelle & Mel




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